10 reasons why we love the iPhone X

Armstrong HQ has been mixed with opinions on Apple’s announcement of their 10th anniversary iPhone; the iPhone X.

But one thing we can all agree on is the incredible new features continuously contributing to the world of technology. As a full-service marketing agency specialising in everything from design, web development to creative writing, strategy, 3D and animation, the iPhone X is a device that has qualities to benefit each member of our team on a day-to-day basis.

Here are 10 reasons why we love the iPhone X…

  • OLED screen – Our Graphic Design Team work hard to make sure their projects stand out in the highest quality. From Pantone matching colours to developing strong designs that carry a brand, a high quality screen is required to fully broadcast their talent. The first OLED screen portrays accuracy with the vibrant colours that are used and has a 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio. So with an iPhone X, their work never has to be shown in anything less than the highest quality ever again.
  • Face ID – Our 3D Team take every side and aspect into consideration when designing. Everything has multiple dimensions and with the iPhone X, the feature of the dot projector analyses more than 30,000 invisible dots in order to create a precise depth map of your face. This mould allows you to unlock your phone, see previews of your messages and many more features.
  • All round screen – With curved edges for the screen to wrap around, the visual animation quality is to a very high standard. Our Motion Team creates high quality renders constantly, and the all-round screen is the perfect tool to show our clients our animations from every angle and aspect on a portable device.
  • TrueDepth camera – As our Photographers are always on the go taking the best photos for our clients, they need exceptional camera equipment on hand at all times. The TrueDepth camera has deeper pixels, new colour filters and analyses more than 50 different muscle movements.
  • Wireless charging – When our Client Service Team are out of the office, it’s important to ensure they can always keep in touch with HQ and our clients. The wireless charging element to the new iPhone X will see the introduction of charging mats in public buildings such as airports, hotels and cafes so you can never use the ‘my phone ran out of battery’ excuse again.
  • Syncing calendars – When organising our team and their schedules, we need to make sure that everyone gets the message. Being able to add memo’s and appointments to multiple people’s calendars ensures that no one gets left behind and all events can go ahead on time.
  • Physical properties – The iPhone X has been introduced as being made with the most durable glass ever in an iPhone. And with a smartphone that is glass both front and back, this is a feature that is needed for many. Added properties also include surgical-grade stainless steel and water resistance, so no more having to pop your phone in rice when it’s been exposed to liquid.
  • FaceTime & Key Note – As a team who are always on the go, we need to make sure we have something to hand to contact clients and to make any last-minute changes when on our travels. Key Note will allow our Client Service Team to edit presentations and documents on their phones to ensure all their presentations and pitches are up to date. The classic Apple invention of FaceTime is a timeless method to contact clients all around the world more importantly be able to show our work or print samples quickly.  Having clients all over Europe, we really need this.
  • Natural navigation & Control Centre – Although Apple have taken the home button away from their new iPhone design, they have incorporated an easy way to go back to the home page; a single swipe at the bottom of the screen. And as a swiping generation, this is a method that everyone is used to. The control centre is no new addition to the iPhone, yet its customisation options are. Why have a generic control centre when you can build your own with all your favourite apps?
  • Apple Pay – We know that Apple Pay is no new feature, but the ability to pay using your facial recognition is. No card, no touch, just your look. With Face ID, the system recognises your face due to the mould it has already recorded, and recognises your face whenever you choose to pay for something via Apple Pay.


The iPhone X is a device which can be used by all members of our team resulting in more efficient, smarter working.

Which one of our Top 10 are you most excited about?