About us

The way we work

At Armstrong, we delve deep into the commercial mechanics of a business. By doing so, we ensure that your proposition is powerful enough to outperform market growth. Yes, we love to craft beautiful ideas, but they must have substance beneath the style. Ours have a strong track record in building brands and increasing the value of a business for shareholders.

Marketing is not a black art. Effective, hardworking marketing draws on all aspects of a company and channels it to stakeholders in a simple, memorable way. Often a business grows over time as the brand stands still. We work by holding up an accurate reflection, from front to back.


Understanding a business fully by going through its DNA is crucial for forming our strategy. We look for two things: your point of difference and how all commercial parts to the business work together to ensure the market proposition can be at its strongest.


Reviewing our insights and studying the market, we now devise the strategy. This forms the focal point for the business. It allows us to challenge or refer back to ensure we are on-brand and on-plan. The strategy can vary in timescale, but we place key milestones carefully along the way to ensure the brand and business evolve together.


From our strategy we devise inspirational briefs for some of the best minds in the industry. We create iconic work that inspires and persuades people to work with your business, or for your brand. Creativity is crucial to getting noticed and remembered. The end results go hand in hand.