Client Overview

Corrocoat manufactures high-performing glass flake coatings to solve corrosion-related problems throughout industry. Operating across five continents from more than thirty locations worldwide, they are a world leader in cost-effective corrosion protection.

Our Role

Like many of our customers, Corrocoat had grown organically over the years and their brand didn’t accurately reflect their point of difference. Corrocoat manufactures a world-renowned corrosion coating product under their name. The problem they faced was that they were also trying to offer engineering and testing under the Corrocoat brand. From an in-depth study, we found that the engineering services side to the business would benefit from its own brand - one that portrayed the six step process it offered to all kinds of industry. Corroserve was created to sit alongside Corrocoat. And later, Corrolabs, the Research and Development division, was launched to finalise the brand structure. Now Corroserve has its own identity that offers a complete service from coating and refurbing to manufacturing and commissioning. Since its launch in February 2015, the feedback received from the market has been overwhelmingly positive.

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