Internships: investing in the future

(Part 1)

At Armstrong we strongly believe in giving young, talented people an opportunity. They’re the future of our business. Any business. And with a little guidance and direction, the results can be highly beneficial for everyone involved.

That’s why more companies should consider taking on an intern or apprentice.

Internships provide companies with access to something fresh: not just new blood, but new ideas and new insights. A completely different perspective from someone who, by the time most managers and directors were likely settling down, was barely standing up.

Young adults born in the late 90s have grown up in new technological and social world which most of us have had to adapt to. But for them, it’s second nature; instinctive. And on many levels, they’re better placed to succeed.

So, why not invest your resources in the future and provide an incredible experience to someone who’s hungry enough to make it count?

You certainly shouldn’t be short of suitors. Competition between graduates – and switched-on school leavers – has never been higher. More and more young adults are seeing the benefits of these programs and are seeking them out high and low.

So, give youth a chance. Who knows? Maybe your protégé could even teach you a thing or two?