Your brand: plan now, save later.

In the estate agents’ world, curb-side appeal is one of the key factors in selling houses. This cannot be truer when it comes to your brand and image. If you want to be a world leader, or at least challenge for that spot, you must take your brand and communication as seriously as you do R+D and innovation.

Working with private equity firms over the years has given us tremendous understanding as to what should happen with brand strategy. Many companies decide brand strategy late one night after several bottles of fine wine. Little thought goes into the outcome. More often than not, we then have to spend a serious amount of time unraveling ‘force-fit’ plans that were put in place. Here, the return on investment will never be seen, given the timescale.

So that poses the question, what do we do with a brand?

Well, if it’s a good one, your brand will last longer than any machine, employee, office building, supplier or customer that you ever have. So exploring all routes and fully understanding each outcome is a must.

At Armstrong we endeavor to look at several options before we give our suggestion. Many marketing agencies wouldn’t go to this extent. With us it comes as standard.


Here are just some of the things that you should consider:

  • Does your brand accurately reflect what you do as a company?
  • Does a new combined offer create a more attractive supply-chain?
  • Have you decided where you want the value to be? For instance, a product brand or corporate brand?
  • The last thing you want is to rebrand on every acquisition or disposal, so is your brand future-proofed?

There are many other factors to think about when deciding on your strategy. Please get in touch if you would like our assistance.